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Here are three ways you can drive the campaign:

1. Share our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts in your own social media feeds. This is how we spread the campaign and help move public opinion.

2. Take part in the legislative actions below to tell your representatives what you want them to do. This is how we build support to change public policy.

3. When you are ready for a bigger commitment, join our Mightybell community where we work together to plan the campaign, meet specific needs for volunteer projects, and can begin to organize into local chapters in our school and congressional districts.

Current Actions

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Protect our children and their families from military recruiting in schools without parental consent

Tell your representative that you want military recruiting efforts to honor the privacy rights of our children and their families.

The No Child Left Behind Act requires high schools to divulge students' personal information to military recruiters without their parents' consent.

The Student Privacy Protection Act will change this military recruiting practice from an “opt-out” to an “opt-in” program.

This simple change would ensure that schools do not divulge students' personal information to military recruiters unless their parents explicitly consent to such a release.  Act Now >>



We use PopVox, a nonpartisan advocacy platform, for you to tell Congress what you think about proposed legislation. PopVox also shows you useful information about these bills, including official summaries and statistics on what other people and organizations have said about them.

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